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our meeting place for all-sorts


Our hui space is more than just a meeting room. It is a convergence point for community and industry. Bringing people together, bringing ideas together.

It can be booked for consulting, interviews, networking events, workshops, seminars, group kōrero, and presumably other types of hui that haven't been invented yet!

In 'Meeting' mode we can seat a comfortable twelve, and in 'Event' mode a generous twenty.

What we offer:

  • Wi-fi
  • Whiteboard + Blackboard
  • Two large tables (seating 12*)
  • Catering (at extra cost)

*For special events we can remove the tables, increasing the seated capacity to twenty


does your hui need catering?


KAI AND BEVERAGES AVAILABLE, delivered AT THE time OF your booking.


To secure your booking simply select an option!

Remember to tick that catering box if it applies. 


Any additional requests? holla at us.

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