Aaron Lyndon - Artist, Musician, Teacher


Coffee of choice – small single origin flat white

Describe yourself in two words – artist, entrepreneur

Aaron Lyndon is one of the Founders of The Creators who wears many hats day to day. Artist, musician and teacher, he is on a journey to discover what it means to be an artist. His discovery has been that it's more than just being able to play the piano well but also an attitude, a state of being. Being an artist carries honour, respect, mystery, story and the unknown, and Aaron has only just scratched the surface.

A week in the life of Aaron is varied, he teaches students, meth tests houses and is part of a number of bands. He has been around music his whole life, yet there has only just recently been the connection made that his community is a big part of his music. He never saw himself as an artist yet he teaches and nurtures others to become artists themselves.

He has always been in love with the piano. Improvisation plays a key part of his process and musicality. "Improvisation to me is discovering or being able to sit in a room, in emotion in spirit, and being able to hear, compose and play in the moment of feeling and space, something new comes out of the piano every time I play", Aaron explains thoughtfully. He is currently reinventing himself, and his music, keep an eye out for his new website and projects.

His vision for Hamilton is to see more collaboration and love for one another. To help others realise and achieve their dreams, drives him. To watch Aaron play is to witness not only a musical performance but a story, an emotion and mystery. Check him in action below. Youll usually see him at The Creators on a daily basis, pop in, he’s always up for a yarn!