Charl Eksteen - Entrepreneur, Father, Dreamer


A week in the life of Charl and Jodi revolves around their fresh new business, Serenity Float Clinic. Meeting with clients, floating, growing the business and making time for dinners with friends and their family. They take time to ensure they have mandatory fun days as a family. They create balance between their work, passions, family and faith, in a seamless way.

Charl describes Serenity Float as a “watering hole’ for people to connect with what’s really important and be still. Serenity Float was started to help people from the community reconnect with themselves, away from the distractions of the world and a space to be purely you. Charl sees floating as “not a cure but a great interruption from the world”.

Serenity Float came from a place of wanting to work and help people with depression, stress and anxiety in a holistic way, away from pharmaceutical remedies which are often over prescribed. The couple waited for the concept of floating to become a little more mainstream, which made it a little easier for them to breakthrough to the market and make it more affordable for themselves and for clients.

When you converse with Charl, you learn quickly about the importance of manaakitanga in his life. To create hospitality and connection with others, something that he sees is missing in Hamilton. He is hopeful for Hamilton, and through Serenity Float he and his wife Jodi hope to help people reconnect. Not only with themselves but with the community that surrounds them.

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