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The Creators is a community focused social enterprise in Hamilton Central, Aotearoa. We provide Collective Work Space for artists and entrepreneurs, and run events to strengthen and promote local art and attitude.

Read on to gain an insight into the deep poetic recesses or our ideological foundations.


What is it that sends a person into moments of perfection? What is it that opens the doorway to true value and possibility? What is it that opens the heart and the hand, stirring fear into freedom and dry soil into good land? It is generosity. It is quality. It is creativity. It is sustainability. It is love – persistent and true. It is honour. It is value. It is art.

These are the things we crave, and we crave to create a space to create from. So we are creating space, space to create. This space is not merely a physical location you arrive at, a landscape you drive to and through or a room with décor just for you – It is a refurnishing of the heart and mind, a meticulous tuning of our soul-strings that we might better articulate melody, It is the careful curation of stillness within and without so our sound will stand up in the midst of noise. It is deepening the “ebb and flow” – the tide of the mind to then soak the land we occupy with hope. It is the measured and wild breath in that we then exhale, release, and exude.

It is our responsibility to ensure people take that breath in, and then learn to craft their exhalation into a work of art that could be someone else’s oxygen.


creating space, space to create


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